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We empower EMS providers with the latest in artificial intelligence technologies, improving patient outcomes with evidence-based medical support and minimizing clinical errors with AI-powered precision.

About Us

PHAS is developing a hands-free voice-activated AI-powered medical assistant into the hands of prehospital providers for difficult and/or uncommon calls.

Improve Patient Outcomes by Reducing Provider Errors

"A 2019 study suggests that clinical and medication errors occur in up to 12.76% of prehospital performed interventions.” In a system with 100,000 patient contacts per year, this could mean:

  • Clinical errors in the care of 12,000 patients
  • Errors resulting in the death of 720 patients (according to a popular cited 6% fatality statistic)

PHAS seeks to improve patient outcomes by empowering EMS providers with our AI. Providers can quickly cross-check medications and interventions with our assistant to ensure appropriateness for the patient. During uncommon and high-stress calls, our assistant can further provide guidance to a provider.

Our Services

Easy Report Recording

Simple and streamlined interface allows paramedics to make report recordings in just one or two clicks, as easy as using a radio, and faster than waiting for radio copy.

AI-Based Extraction of Key Information

PHAS software automatically transcribes the report recording and extracts key information for the receiving hospital, allowing critical patient information to be immediately visible.

Intuitive Hospital Interface

For recording key information from other standard radio call reports. In addition, our "highlights" features allows AI-recognized key information to be displayed on a large screen for all team members to see during trauma/resus activations.



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